Grass Fed Beef





Our small beef herd spends most of the year rotationally grazing pasture. During the winter months, we keep the herd closer to the barn where they feed on hay bales and leave their manure, helping us stockpile nutrients which we compost and use on our vegetable fields. Our beef is not certified organic.

Dickey Hill Farm Grass Fed Beef Shares will be available for on farm pick-up November 2017 and ground beef and hot dogs will be for sale all summer at the Belfast Farmers Market. 

Reserve your 2017 beef shares!

1/8th Cow Share: $8.50/lb -  Each share will yield between 30-40 lbs of individually wrapped and frozen cuts including steaks, roasts, ribs, soup bones, stew meat and ground beef.

WE ARE SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON, but let us know if you would like to be on a list for next time---


Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised on the edges of our fields where their natural rooting helps to expand pasture. Here the pigs can enjoy the shade while they forage and feed on apple drops, grubs and cast off farm vegetables as well as organic grain.  Our pork is not certified organic.

We are taking the 2017 season off from raising pigs. Check back next year!