Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised on the edges of our fields where their natural rooting helps to expand pasture. Here the pigs can enjoy the shade while they forage and feed on apple drops, grubs and cast off farm vegetables as well as organic grain.  Our pork is not certified organic.

Reserve your whole or half pig now!

We are taking 2017 off from raising pigs.  Please check back next year!

WHOLE PIG: $3.50/lb hanging weight plus $1.25/ lb processing fees

HALF PIG: $4/lb hanging weight plus $1.25/ lb processing fees


Hanging weight refers to the post-slaughter weight of the animal.  The actual weight of the packaged meat you take home will be less than the hanging weight.  The difference is variable upon how much water weight evaporates during curing, trimming and if you choose to take home organ meat, leaf lard, fatback, jowls, stew bones, etc.  We suggest you eat them!  There are lots of great nose-to-tail resources out there to guide you through different processes from rendering leaf lard for delicious pie crust to simmering down pork broth for ramen noodle bowls

Generally the hanging weight of a half pig is between 90-125 lbs and the final packaged weight is 55- 80 lbs.  Plan for about 2.5 cubic feet (a standard refrigerator freezer) of freezer space for a half pig and 5 cubic feet of freezer space for a whole pig.

Choose the Dickey Hill Farm Standard Cut Sheet, or contact us with special requests for whole pigs.  The processing fees cover slaughter, cut, seal, freeze and nitrate free smoking at Herring Brothers as well as transport costs.

A $100 deposit will reserve your whole or half pig, with the rest due at pick up.


Grass Fed Beef

Our small beef herd spends most of the year rotationally grazing pasture. During the winter months, we keep the herd closer to the barn where they feed on hay bales and leave their manure, helping us stockpile nutrients which we compost and use on our vegetable fields. Our beef is not certified organic.

Dickey Hill Farm beef will be available beginning the summer 2017 at the Belfast Farmers' Market.